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Leadership Ashland

John Ballinger picDear Friends, 

In their newest book, The Truth about Leadership, James Kouzes and Barry Posner write that while the context of leadership has changed over the past 30 years, the content of leadership has not changed much at all.  I think that Kouzes and Posner's observation is also true for the Ashland area.  We have experienced dramatic changes in our context over the years, but our need for content-rich leaders, the kind that Leadership Ashland produces, hasn't changed.  Although each class is unique and drives specific passions, I am especially excited to see how this year's class members will use their developing leadership skills throughout the Ashland Area in the years to come.

Since its inception in 1990, Leadership Ashland's mission has been to increase the quality and quantity of leaders in Ashland County by enhancing leadership skills, discovering community assets, and creating opportunities for service.  We love the fantastic support of our local companies that sponsor class members and are particularly excited about the tremendous response for next year's class nominations!


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Leadership Ashland is a program of the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce and our offices are located at 211 Claremont Avenue in downtown Ashland. 

We invite you to join this dynamic class. Nominations are currently being accepted
for the 2014 - 2015  Class.

If you'd like more information about this exciting program, please call John Ballinger, Executive Director, at (419) 281-4584.


If you have already been accepted into
the 2013-14 program as a participant or are sponsor, you can make a tuition payment by clicking on the link to the left.

The mission of Leadership Ashland is to increase the quantity and quality of leaders in Ashland County by enhancing leadership skills, discovering community assets,and creating opportunities for service.

Leadership Ashland is designed to:

  • Identify existing and emerging community leaders
  • Acquaint participants with community needs and issues
  • Broaden participants’ understanding of the processes by which decisions are made in Ashland County
  • Prepare participants to make a positive impact on community organizations’ decision-making

The Leadership Ashland Program identifies emerging and existing community leaders and strives to acquaint them with issues that are central to Ashland County and to increase their understanding of how decisions are made in the community.

Community members are invited to request application forms for themselves or to nominate other community members for the program. Applicants are then interviewed and selected on the basis of current leadership ability, exceptional motivation and commitment, and willingness to serve the community.

  • Each new year begins with a retreat in September.
  • Classes will meet one day a month until graduation in June with each class deciding on issues and topics of their interest to be studied throughout their LA experience.
  • One of the classes includes a tour of Ashland County; the other sessions will be planned by class teams focusing on a community topic such as business and industry, culture and recreation, education, government, or health and social services. The final wrap-up session in June is followed by a graduation.
  • Each class also includes a leadership skills development unit.
  • Each class member also selects a community agency board to attend and observe at least 3 meetings and will report back to the class with their findings.

Founded in 1990, Leadership Ashland has over 350 graduates with a strong Alumni Association offering many exciting networking opportunities.

Nominations are accepted in the spring with class selection completed by August.

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