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  • Program Overview

  • What is Leadership Ashland?

    Leadership Ashland is the county's premier community leadership development program. It empowers you to recognize your capacity to lead not just professionally, but in ALL areas of your life.

    The mission of Leadership Ashland is to increase the quantity and quality of leaders in Ashland County by the following:

    • Enhancing leadership skills
    • Discovering community assets
    • Creating opportunities for service

    Why should I attend?

    Leadership Ashland is not just for people new to Ashland County! The program will benefit:

    • Anyone wanting to grow their leadership skills for career enhancement
    • Anyone looking to be more active in making a difference in the community.

  • "Through Leadership Ashland, I've learned about the different types of leaders, their leadership style and their strengths. This is allowing me to see the leaders at work, and how they are influencing those around them. This also helps me grow as a leader, and gives me the tools to become a better one." 2017 class participant